About Us

Skills training is the lifeblood of a healthy economy, the veins of a developing society...

Mozambique is responsible for 70% of goods transit in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), with logistics corridors linking the deep-water coastal ports with the neighbouring countries.

Depending on the source, trillions of cubic feet (tcf) of recoverable gas are in Mozambican waters, with more than 95% in the Northern Rovuma Basin alone.

Mozambique’s geographical location makes it the natural entry and exit point for the flow of goods to its neighbours. Ports, hinterland connections, international, coastal and offshore shipping play a vital role in the Mozambican economy. Hence, it is of vital importance to greatly invest in the improvement of the human infrastructure around these transport modalities by training Mozambican professionals throughout the entire logistics chain.

The Regional Offshore Training Centre (ROTC) offers world-class safety training. The safety training targets all professionals employed in the following sectors: on- and offshore oil and gas, maritime, port and terminals, and transport and logistics.

Competency, rules and regulations, efficiency, environment, safety and security are key issues in the services provided. We provide our clients with a distinct competitive advantage, combining the flexibility of global connection with the efficiency of local expertise. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, consistently delivering measurable results. Our commitment to exchange and transfer knowledge and skills is second to none.