Deck Watch Keeping

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ROTC offers the Deck Watch Keeping Course in accordance with STCW ’78 as amended.

  • Introduction and Maritime Legislation;
  • Ship’s Organisation;
  • General Ship’s Knowledge & Navigation Bridge Layout;
  • Steering and Compass use;
  • Keeping a Proper Watch;
  • Monitoring & Controlling a Safe Watch;
  • Emergency Equipment and Procedures;
  • Meteorology;
  • Basic Knowledge in Shipboard situations;

Basic English comprehension skills.

Duration & Start Date

The course duration is 4 days. Please contact ROTC for the course schedule.


Please contact us for further details.

Additional Information
  • Training is provided in Portuguese and/or English;
  • Courses will be executed at the premises of ROTC in Pemba, courses may also be executed in-company or at an alternative training location;
  • Accommodation could be arranged onsite at ROTC Pemba;
  • Participants successfully completing the course will receive a ROTC Certificate of Proficiency.