Skills training is the lifeblood of a healthy economy, the veins of a developing society...

ROTC is a Joint Venture between:

Moçambique Soluções e Equipamentos Lda, Beira, Mozambique; →
STC-Group Holding B.V., Rotterdam, The Netherlands; →
Workships, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; →
Portbiq Lda, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. →

The Partners possess all sectorial and (inter-) national knowledge and experience needed to provide training meeting industry demand. The training facility is based in Pemba Bay, Cabo Delgado Province.

ROTC will actively seek accreditation according to OPITO and IMO/STCW standards to guarantee this assertion.

STC-Group Holding B.V. is a member of the STC-Group. STC-Group is proud to be one of the world’s largest and most experienced institutions providing education, training, technical assistance and research, having offices and Centres of Excellence that are operating worldwide.