Rigging Plan Lifting

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  • Acquire notions of hygiene and safety at work in lifting and cargo handling operations.
  • To identify the various stages of preparation, approval and implementation of a rigging plan;
  • Risk analysis;
  • Know elaborate rigging plans;
  • Know general rules of cargo handling
  • To identify the various risk situations in lifting operations and cargo handling.
  • Apply techniques in a real work environment
  • Ergonomics.
  • Units of measurement
  • Roles and responsibilities Rigger
  • Types of equipment
  • Parts and components of equipment
  • Fundamental concepts of mooring and lifting loads
  • Determination of the weight and centre of gravity
  • Steel cables: types, features and specifications
  • Cable Accessories
  • wire rope slings: sizing for the most used cases
  • Straps lanyards: design and use
  • Specification and proper use of accessories
  • Mosquito Dimensioning and cable routing
  • Work close to electrical networks
  • Use the crane load tables
  • Load composition for survey
  • Crane support planning on the ground near the walls and embankments
  • Calculation of the force transmitted to the ground by supports
  • Guidance on the soil studies
  • Wind effect on the crane and the load
  • Survey planning with 1 telescopic crane
  • Crane Configuration
  • Checklist for rigging plan
  • Checklist for the calculation of memory of rigging plan
  • Technological innovations for the preparation of lifting projects
Duration & Start Date

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Additional Information
  • Training is provided in Portuguese and/or English;
  • Courses will be executed at the premises of ROTC in Pemba, courses may also be executed in-company or at an alternative training location;
  • Accommodation could be arranged onsite at ROTC Pemba;
  • Participants successfully completing the course will receive a ROTC Certificate of Proficiency.