Ship to Shore Crane Driver

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ROTC offers a Ship-to-Shore Crane Driver Course. This course has been developed for inexperienced STS Crane drivers. This course aims to get inexperienced drivers at the same level as their experienced colleagues within a relative short period of time.


Topics that will be addressed during the course are:

  • Roles of the Terminal’s Logistic Process;
  • Types and Purposes of STS (Ship-to-Shore) Cranes;
  • Hoisting Equipment;
  • General Knowledge of Vessels;
  • General Knowledge of Lashing;
  • Safe Working;
  • Planning and Automation;
  • Daily Checks and Maintenance;
  • Team Work;
  • Practice Driving and Handling.
  • A minimum of high school level education;
  • An active learning attitude and ability to work in teams;
  • Competence in the English language (reading and understanding) is a benefit, but not a condition. If necessary, a translator will be present.
Duration & Start Date

The course duration is 10 days (inexperienced drivers). A short training for experienced drivers takes place in 5 days. Please contact ROTC for the course schedule.


Please contact us for further details.

Additional Information
  • Training is provided in Portuguese and/or English;
  • Courses will be executed in-company or at an alternative training location;
  • Client to provide all relevant equipment, PPE and facilities;
  • Participants successfully completing the course will receive a ROTC Certificate of Proficiency.